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I. Liaocheng University

Liaocheng University, well founded in 1974, is presently one of the leading comprehensive provincial-level universities in Northeastern China’s Shandong Province (a huge, populous, and prosperous province long been famous for its Yellow River, Mt. Tai, and the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius). Entitled to the conferment of Master and Bachelor Degrees, the university was on the provincial agenda of Doctoral Degree Conferer Candidate in 2009. Within the domain of the university today are 22 schools/colleges, 88 undergraduate disciplines, 93 class-two postgraduate majors, 17 class-one postgraduate majors, with the aforementioned disciplines covering philosophy, economics, law, pedagogics, literature, history, sciences, engineering, agronomy, art, and management.


The university has long been honored to enjoy the mushrooming of 23 Provincial-Level Key Laboratories, Research Centers, and Key Disciplines, 31 State and/or Provincial-Level Specialty/Elite Disciplines, 135 State and/or Provincial-Level Excellent Teaching and/or Research Achievements, 512 State and/or Provincial-Level Scientific Projects, and 106 State and/or Provincial-Level Scientific Achievement Awards. The university has a staff of 1,920 (198 professors and 470 doctoral graduates), and 32,000 full-time students. In addition to a multitude of state and/or provincial-level awards on its outstanding achievement in teaching and teaching administration, the university won, in 2007, an "All Excellence" in the state-run, nationwide undergraduate teaching evaluation among Chinese universities.

 Liaocheng University, located in the city of Liaocheng (a State-Level Cultural and Historic City renowned as The Water City North of The Yangtze), covers an acreage of more than 211 hectares. A winner of “State-Level Green Campus” award, the university enjoys its unique scenic characteristics: couple campuses standing aligned while linked with a flying-bridge across two parallel rivers, lakeside scenery, and evergreen gardens.


II. Liaocheng City

Water City North of the Yangtze, and Ancient City on the Grand Canal

State-Level Cultural and Historic City

State-Level Best Tourist Destination

China’s Top Ten Leisure City


The City of Liaocheng, where the university is located, covers an area of 8,715 square kilometers and enjoys a population of 6 million. One of the 99 State-Level Cultural and Historic Cities in China, Liaocheng is enriched with a considerably long history and abundant culture. Interweaving around this State-Level Best Tourist Destination are Longshan Culture (a representative of ancient Chinese culture), Confucius Culture (a spokesman of China's traditional ethics and philosophy), Canal Culture (an agent of business civilization), and Yellow River Culture (a demonstration of China's agricultural civilization), hence a harmonious movement of unique geological and cultural features, a treasure of tourist attraction, and more than 470 famous scenic spots and historical relics.


The glamorous fame of "Water City North of The Yangtze" and "Ancient City on The Grand Canal" is derived, by and large, from Dongchang Lake. The Lake, 5 square kilometers in size, tranquilly but merrily embraces the Old City of Dongchang, a one-square-kilometer ancient city first built in Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). The Grand Canal, a vast expanse of mists and ripples, winds like a colorful ribbon through the city. Tuhai River, the "River of Marvels" dredged first by Yu (the initiator of feudal system in China and the first emperor of Xia Dynasty in as early as 21st century BC), bubbles around the city with willows dancing on its banks. Coupled together with an abundant geothermal energy are the country's best hot springs and recreational resorts. The unique feature of "lake in city, city in lake, and city, lake, river and spring in one" endowed Liaocheng City with the reputation of China's Top Ten Leisure City both in 2008 and 2010.


Moreover, Liaocheng City enjoys easy transportation system. Beijing-Hong Kong Railway and Qingdao-Handan Railway meet and portray a "Golden Cross" here in the city, hence an important transportation hub bridging all directions across the country.


III. School of International Education

School of International Education of Liaocheng University, an institution established and authorized by Shandong Provincial People's Government, aims to reinforce international education exchange and cooperation, advance the "internationalizing" of the university, and promote cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding between different countries.



Within the leadership of School of International Education are four centers, namely, Center of International Cooperation Program, Center of Overseas Students Education, Center of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and Center of Foreign Language Training.


School of International Education has been taking the initiative in promoting international exchange and cooperation, improving the "internationalizing" in running the university, and building international cooperation network that joins in all the countries in the global village. The school, to date, has built long-term, all-perspective partnership (focusing mainly on international students education, joint degree programs, student and staff exchange programs, joint academic and cultural activities, and Confucius Institute) with more than 50 universities/institutions in 20 countries/areas. School of International Education of Liaocheng University started recruiting overseas students in 1994, with permission of Shandong Provincial Education Commission (now Shandong Provincial Education Department.


An open higher education meets the demand of an open world, and an open world can't do without the ready mind and a big smile of Liaocheng University.

Liaocheng University sincerely welcomes a closer friendship, in view of cooperation on teaching, scientific research, and exchange of staff and students, with the best universities/institutions around the world, and it has long been ready with the big smile (it's yours, too, soon) to each and every overseas student coming afar.

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